loated on the air, of more mour▓nful meaning.It was the solemn to▓ll of a church bell, distinct though d●istant, possessing all that simple san●ctity peculiar to the country—that voice ▓of wai

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tra●in.The peculiar mode of tolling the bell,▓ as is customary in those primitive di▓stricts of the north of England, had al▓ready betr

ayed the sex of the departed,▓ and with foreboding spirits we listened for ●the age.We counted twenty-one of those mournf●ul chimes, and then they sunk in silen●ce solemn as their sound. The c▓hurch was situated midway on the● ascent of a hill, or rather mount, ▓guarded by a thick grove of yews and firs, the▓ir sad and pensive foliage

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assimilating well ●with the olden shrine.The ivy had clamb●ered over the slender buttress, clustering rou●nd the old square belfry,

decking age with ●beauty, and moss and lichen pressed forth▓ in fantastic patches on the roof.The green e▓arth was filled with lowly graves, thi●ckly twined with evergreen shrubs and hardy fl●owering plants.Headstones and ●marble tombs there were; some so cruste●d over by the cold finger of Time, that even the▓ briefest rec

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ord of those who sle●pt beneath was lost for ever; and other●s gleaming pure and white in t▓he declining sun, see

ming to whisper hope▓ and faith in the very midst of ●desolation and death. The clerg●yman stood at the churchyard gate,▓ waiting the arrival of the co▓rpse.He was leaning against the sto●ne pillar which held the hinges o▓f the gate, his head buried in his hands, ●and his bowed and drooping aspect breat▓hing a more than common lov

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